William Hill CEO Speaks Out Against U.K.'s Online Gambling Reforms

Published Thursday, August 11, 2011 - Online-Casinos.com
William Hill CEO Speaks Out Against U.K.'s Online Gambling Reforms

When it comes to opinions those of top executives involved in the online gambling industry tend to make a difference for investors and those writers following the online business news.
Ralph Topping is reportedly one of the top paid executives in the world of gambling but does that mean that what he says is worth repeating?

Recently in an interview with the London Times Mr.Topping, the Chief Executive Officer at William Hill has been critical of the United Kingdom’s Department for Culture, Media and Sport after the government department revealed plans to reform the online gaming industry.
Topping described the plans to revamp the interactive gambling industry regulations in the U.K. as plainly “unfair.” The new rules to be introduced involving a different taxation structure and licensing protocols Topping calls, an example of “different departments doing their own things.” Topping is referring to the departments of government that don’t seem to co-ordinate their efforts.

Topping is of the opinion the U.K. will have a difficult time convincing online gambling operators to move to the United Kingdom after the reforms noting that William Hill’s move to Gibraltar was a solid decision based on the economics of the game. Topping said there was not “a chance in hell of us coming back from Gibraltar.”
With regards to the Gibraltar jurisdiction the CEO added that Gibraltar had become “the hub for online gambling activity in Europe”, adding, “The Government will have to get their thinking caps on if they are going to make the UK more attractive to these technology companies.”

The difficulty, in Topping’s opinion, lies in the piece meal approach the government is taking to revamp the interactive wagering industry in the U.K. For many years the U.K.’s online gambling policies have been right for many operators who were seeking stable and fair practices. Online gambling operators have a choice where to locate and some may say elsewhere is better but there are industry giants who feel the U.K. is still the place for them.



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