Iowa USA to Allow Online Betting on Horse Races

Published Friday, November 11, 2011 -

Horse racing has been in the news all to often lately because it is suffering from a lack of participation in many parts of the world. Placing a bet on a horse often requires the wager to be placed in person at the track prior to the race. With dwindling interest race track owners are having a difficult time maintaining their facilities and providing prize pools big enough for the breeders and owners to supply jockeys and horses for the events.
Some race tracks have been proactive by reinventing the venues as racinos or casinos within the race tracks to attract customers who can now play slots and other casino games while betting on the ponies.

Rules regarding betting on the four legged wonders vary widely in America and now in a surprise turn around the state of Iowa is moving forward.  The state Racing and Gaming Commission has unanimously approved a system allowing Iowa gamblers to bet on horse races by phone or via the internet.
A unanimous vote of five for and non against cinched the new regulation allowing punters to place bets online and by phone at the Prairie Meadows Racetrack and Casino come this January 2012 provided the Iowa Horseman’s Association and a vendor for the service are in agreement.
There is conflicting information as to whether online gambling is permitted in the State of Iowa some web sites say it is safe to play on the internet with real money others say no to al such activities. The legal gambling age is twenty one there even if your going to one of the seventeen land based casinos available in Iowa. Iowa currently has no written laws specifically against online gambling but federal laws apply and are enforced. The Racing and Gaming Commission is indeed trying to make the process of betting on the horses at least a little less difficult to negotiate. Hopefully the changes will help the horse racing industry get through the tough times that have been pressuring the group for a long time now. 


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