Online Gambling in India Predicted Goldmine for Operators

Published Wednesday, January 11, 2012 -

The BRIC countries of the world, that’s Brazil, Russia, India and China are gaining a middle class with a disposable income at a fast pace. The gambling public in those countries have never had the wealth they have now and it seems certain that at least in a few of those emerging nations gambling will turn big profits for online operators and the government. Gambling in China and Russia are being strictly controlled by their current governments but India and Brazil are still pushing towards a legalized online gambling environment.
India is probably the largest of the untapped jurisdictions with more billionaires being produced than America and Europe combined. Lorien Pilling, director of research for Global Betting & Gaming Consultants, has said, “There is a huge propensity to gamble amongst the Indian population.”

Mobile phones and access to the internet across a wide spectrum of the population the potential for big time money is evident. According to statistics as of October of 2011 there were 880 million mobile devices in India. Even more users of mobile phones are in China with an astonishing 5.6 billion. These facts outline the potential, comparing the numbers that show America and the U.K. far behind in mobile phone use.

Currently in India the legal situation is in a state of limbo with laws governing gambling antiquated and useless. By default internet gambling is deemed illegal although there is no specific reference to internet wagering on the books. Attempts to bring internet gaming to India have been met with indifference for the most part. Infrastructure must become stable there in order for the system to work and until that funding has been put in place the Indian population will have to continue to access offshore sites.
As in other parts of the world internet gambling is slow legal process that is not on government radar and without champions of the cause it will not come into focus for a long time yet.



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