Nevada Gaming Control Board Seeks Private Testing Applications

Published Wednesday, January 11, 2012 -

Nevada USA is the well known gambling state, home to the Las Vegas mecca that is surely one of the great gambling capitals of the world. Nevada is on the money as far as internet poker is concerned and has authorized a set of regulations for online poker in the state. The recently approved framework for online poker AB279 needs to go a few more hoops before the platform is fully functional.

To further the process the Nevada Gaming Control Board issued a notice recently announcing that it was “accepting applications for registration of independent testing laboratories” According to reports the request for a private firm to test the regulations was due to a back log of work in the state’s testing facilities.
As the Board continues to fine tune the regulations there is speculation that more details will emerge in the coming weeks. A final draft of the regulatory platform must be adopted before to May 1, 2012.

The newly named Cantor Entertainment Technology has presented its application to the  Nevada Gaming Control Board as one of seven other firms wanting to do the work. Cantor is already in business and operates a number of sports betting services at various Las Vegas casinos. The firm also operates a mobile gambling service with its eDeck machines that lets consumers access gambling venues within the casino limits.
Cantor Entertainment Technology is also looking to partner with some mega casino operator to provide online poker should one of the land based giants receive a license from the Board. CET hopes to raise $100m via a public offering which is a considerable sum looking at the firm’s losses of $16.6 million within the first nine months of 2011. CET owes Cantor Fitzgerald, the parent company, $144 million and returned revenues of only $7.7 million. It may take a long time for investors to make the leap and invest their dollars.



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