Northern Ireland Betting Shops More Popular Than Online Wagering

Published Monday, June 11, 2012 -

The online gambling industry is doing all it can to attract customers to the internet to wager, but in some parts of the world a trip to the local betting shop is a social undertaking that many prefer. A survey conducted by Ipsos MORI for the independent McLean’s book making group of Northern Ireland indicated the process of going to a betting shop and putting the cash on the line is still very popular in practice. The

Managing Director of McLean’s, Paul McLean, commented: “Despite a perception of the growth of online betting the majority of punters still prefer to have a flutter in betting offices as many people like to bet and get paid in cash. It is a statistic which indicates there remains a strong rationale for the presence of the betting shop in the high street.” It is definitely a local social event and more immediate and visceral with fast cash payouts and the excitement that can go with that. The survey sampled the opinions of 700 wagering individuals which revealed that many of Ireland’s punters remained loyal to local firms preferring them over bigger multi-national companies that have located in Ireland. A much bigger percentage, as many as 66 percent in fact of Irelands 330 book making outfits are independently operated with the other third run by William Hill, Paddy Power and Ladbrokes.

These survey results are somewhat skewed to favour local independent books because the questions were directed towards already focused land based betting shop consumers who understandably would be biased against online betting. The facts speak volumes on the situation the land based betting shops are in. They are not open 24/7 or on Sunday the way online gambling operates and the odds are usually better for online bettors. Irish politicians are in the process of changing the legislation regarding gambling in Ireland. Changes include better regulation of online gambling operators and the liberalization of high street betting shop rules.

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