Affinity Gaming Gets A Boost From Z Capital Partners

Published Wednesday, July 11, 2012 -

In the investment world there are firms which look promising but are lacking in capital and need significant guidance to achieve their strategic goals. One such company is Affinity Gaming, a firm which is a casino operator that does business in a number of states in the USA including Missouri, Colorado, Nevada and Iowa.

Good news for the firm as it announced the selling off of a portion of its assets to the investment firm Z Capital Partners a private equity firm based in Chicago USA. Z Capital Partners is a well known firm that is a specialist in the revitalization of struggling companies. Z Capital will now control just shy of 25 percent of the gaming firm and becomes the Affinity Gaming’s biggest share holder.

David D. Ross, Chief Executive Officer of Affinity Gaming commented on the acquisition, “Z Capital has been a long-time supporter of our management, employees and business strategy, and we are excited to see them step up into a more prominent role in our ownership” Ross continued, “We believe that this new level of support from Z Capital will provide us with greater flexibility to execute our strategic plan of growing cash flow through elevating our guest experience, enhancing our value proposition and improving the overall performance of our properties.” Z Capital has a sterling reputation for bringing stressed firms back from the brink and turning them into profitable entities once again.

The President and CEO of Z Capital, James J. Zenni, commented that he feels confident the investment will be a good move for all shareholders, “We have great respect for Affinity Gaming and its strong commitment to guests, employees, and partners,” Zenni added, “This investment has been a two year process and we see significant potential for long-term growth at Affinity Gaming and look forward to supporting management’s efforts to lead the company into its next phase.”

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