Betable Introduces First Real-Money Gaming Platform

Published Wednesday, July 11, 2012 -

Betable aspires to bring the worlds of casino-based entertainment and gaming finally together. Some people in the business think that it could potentially revolutionize the gambling industry because Betable also announced its private beta developer program. It can soon essentially legally offer real-money gaming on any platform or device. This includes mobile and social gaming devices and their applications. Betable has stated recently that it has a license from the U.K.'s Gambling Commission allowing it to retail the new gaming platform which enables "developers to legally offer real-money gaming on any platform or device". It is important to note that the platform will only be available to companies operating in countries where online gambling is legal. The company also informs people that it will offer support and infrastructure in order to permit developers to legally integrate real-money into gaming.

Betable founder and CEO Christopher Griffin, in a press release made clear the rationale behind their business and how doing business with Betable may make way for new ground for social game developers. Griffin stated that, “Social game developers have a big problem; existing game monetization methods yield very low per player revenue, so without millions and millions of players it is extremely difficult to build viable businesses.”

Earlier this year Betable presented its alpha program and described the exciting possibilities that this newly developed platform could make available. It explained how developers could integrate real-money gaming quickly and easily into new or existing games. Also announced was the potential for investment and in fact there appear to already be a group of more than 25 investors hovering to get in the door first. It didn’t take long to sell the idea. It is reward for the company’s foresight and innovation in this new age of gaming. Griffin said, “Real-money gaming represents the rapid convergence of social games and the gambling industry, and our roster of investors with luminaries from both spaces uniquely positions Betable to capture this emerging market.”

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