Israel Cracks Down On Illegal Gambling

Published Thursday, October 11, 2012 -

It is election time in Israel and that means crime reduction will be on the agenda as a political reminder of the current government’s aims. Other than political news in the papers of Israel there is the big story about the gambling ring bust up that is reported to involve billions of shekels.

The Tel Aviv branch of the YAMAR investigative unit have announced they have arrested 44 people in raids that Police allege operated the largest gambling ring in Israel's history, with an estimated 3,000 clients in their data base. The investigation which was conducted over a year revealed that the operation focused on a website called Don- Bet which was used to bet on card games as well as a large selection of sporting events. Police said the web site attracted 6 or 7 billion NIS during its five year duration. Tel Aviv Ch.-Supt. Gadi Eshed, lead the team which included dozens of investigators. Along with the police were the tax authorities and antifraud task force officials who raided houses, tech support centers and money changing stores in every corner of the nation.

Suspects that were arraigned face charges of money laundering, running an illegal gambling operation conspiracy, and tax evasion. It was reported that massive money changed hands and the illegal profits were converted into real estate and laundered by money processing firms. This operation was open only to members who were invited into the fold and it served as a local source of revenue for many in organized crime.

It was suggested by the lead investigator, Eshed, that the bust will put a big dent in the crime syndicate's activity. There were many who participated and profited from the illegal gambling ring. Taxi drivers, technical support staff, shareholders, enforcers, account managers all were part of the well organized and run illegal web site, most of the money did however stay in Israel.

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