Typical Slot Player Not As Imagined

Published Sunday, November 11, 2012 - Online-Casinos.com

You go into a casino just about anywhere in the world and what the room is full of is slot machines. The people sitting at these spinning, noise producing, money devouring machines are mostly senior citizens, or so you would think.

A new study conducted at the Oregon State University-Cascades suggests this stereotype is not the norm. Sandy Chen, an assistant professor of Hospitality Management at the university has discovered that the typical slot player is not that bad off with an annual household income of over $55 thousand. The individual is usually a woman between 55 and 60 years old that has some post secondary education.

For the study assistant professor Chen divided slot players into categories; utilitarian, excitement, multipurpose, and relaxation gamblers. As the categories suggest a utilitarian gambler is a person who participates in slot playing to escape and like to take part in watching others spin the wheels. Excitement players would rather play for a longer time on machines that pay small but keep the action going. Multipurpose slot players are more likely to be on the youthful side, single, not as educated and are looking for a payday to lift them out of the economic level they are stuck in. These players have more fun and like theme oriented slots. Those considered relaxation gamblers are a little more secure financially better educated, social, and prefer to play the 25 cent to $1 slot offerings.

The study revealed that over 60% of the slot players interviewed would like smaller payouts more often. Also only one third used the progressive slot games with only 20% wanting to play theme based slots. The largest majority of theme slot players were attracted to action movie themed games as well as board games and game shows such as Wheel of Fortune. In the video poker genre Jacks Or Better was the most popular, then Deuces Wild and Double Double Bonus.

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