Amaya's Head of Online Poker Past Criticized

Published Saturday, May 11, 2013 -
Amaya's Head of Online Poker Past Criticized

A recent blog on the internet regarding online gambling and a firm that seems to be headed in the right direction Amaya Gaming Group is suggesting Amaya has done itself and online poker an injustice by hiring the former Cereus Chief Operations Officer.

The argument put forth was certainly a compelling one when you examine the stakes involved in Amaya entering of the market in America. Most firms would shy away from any prospective employee that had the kind of baggage that could influence your chances of being accepted for a license in the USA.

The newly regulated industry in the States had the intent of being squeaky clean and free of the grey area players who seem to reappear with regularity in the industry.

Amaya Gaming bought The Ongame Network last year and although the company is not licensed in Nevada, the group has signed partnerships that are already approved or have applied for one. Some individuals are mentioned in the blog assumptions that have been allegedly involved in online poker scandals and cheating now involved in the management of Amaya Gaming.

Amaya Gaming ignored all of this when hiring Paul Leggett the former COO of scandal ridden Ultimate Poker. The appointment of this individual raised eyebrows in the online poker industry covered up cheating, cash shortfalls and just plain fraud Amaya Gaming may have sullied their reputation in when the firm hired someone associated with a loss of about $45 million in player funds. Several potential Nevada operators and licensees have already entered into agreements with Amaya Gaming and the Ongame Network.

This choice could come back to haunt them say some critics although the stock market results for Amaya and that is critical to its success after all have not been affected by this choice of executives.

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