GameLogic Inc.Dovetails with Facebook

Published Wednesday, November 11, 2009 -

Social networking as potent marketing platform for online gambling seems like a logical step in the right direction. After all social networking on Facebook and Twitter and other well used networks is the way people are connecting around the globe. GameLogic Inc., provides a wide variety of interactive marketing products and services based in Waltham, Massachusetts, USA the company was founded by the creators of Gamesville, a pioneering online entertainment, marketing and promotion system. The company has announced it’s PlayAway, PlayerVantage, and New Play product suite will be integrated with the social networking platform Facebook.

John E. Taylor, Jr., President and Chief Executive Officer of GameLogic said of the integration process, "Regulated gaming operators face a myriad of challenges in building an effective presence in today's many media channels. Media is more fragmented than ever, but social media sites are emerging as robust interactive channels with direct access to the consumer," adding, "With GameLogic's new Facebook integration, casinos and lotteries can now effectively harness this popular media channel with little or no effort." These programs extend GameLogic's Internet player/database marketing platform. Taylor, concluded, "Gaming operators must associate themselves with content that engages, coupled with a marketing strategy to effectively monetize those interactions. Through our integrated approach, a gaming operator's most active players become viral advocates within the social space. This is a truly revolutionary step for land-based casino and lottery marketing initiatives. We see a unique opportunity to help our clients immediately leverage this growing channel in a way that is material to their bottom line." Facebook has over 300 million registered users, with a demographic majority who are age 35 years and older, the perfect target age for interactive gaming operators. Facebook may well become the foundation for richer player engagement with more up to the minute information and social interaction. The future of web based gambling is in your social network.

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