Gaming, Racing & Wagering Australia 2010 Coming in March

Published Thursday, February 11, 2010 -

Australia is on the verge of making life for the online gambling industry just a little more complicated in that country. The Productivity Commission report is due out soon with the usual amount of anticipation within the gambling industry's ranks. Gambling industry executives are getting ready for whatever the Commission puts on the table. The issue of filtering has garnered a lot of critical press and opponents to censorship on the internet from around the world.

Australia’s gambling industries are taking a serious overhaul from the present government in the hope of making Australian gamblers safer and less prone to going overboard. Conferences are scheduled that will keep operators, academics, researchers, technicians, all informed about the latest and newest changes in the Australian gambling market. Gaming, Racing & Wagering Australia 2010 a conference to provide a forum for regulators, lawyers, politicians and industry to debate the implications of key harm minimisation measures, privatisation and the breaking up of monopolies, and how consolidation and globalisation is affecting the competitive landscape. Day one of the event will be about the future of gaming machine standards, the potential for liberalisation of online gaming, and compliance with relevant laws, including anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing. Day two will review changes to wagering licences, funding models for racing, how product fees are likely to be designed and collected, strategies for increasing competitiveness and gaining market share, and opportunities for live and mobile wagering. From the 22nd of March until the 23rd of March 2010 at Star City in Sydney Australia senior level executives from clubs pubs hotels and software suppliers will interact listen to the gurus of the industry in the land down under. All those interested in getting the experts’ view on how the industry is likely to develop, potential match ups and new opportunities due to regulatory changes will be in attendance for this one.


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