The Big Dance to Commence Soon at Online Casinos

Published Thursday, March 11, 2010 -

Well it's that time of year again in the USA when college students head off to far flung destinations to unwind after a long winter at the books studying hard to get good marks. Some leave college for their home town or just saddle up to the computer or TV to watch the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship Tournament.

Staying in touch with the game is a part of what is commonly known as March Madness. Punters call it the best thing in American sports action. The NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship is a three-week, 65-team tournament. 31 teams earn automatic bids by winning their conference championships. A 10-member Selection Committee invites 34 at-large teams based on their record, rankings, strength of schedule, signature wins and losses, and such. The Selection Committee ranks the teams 1-65, with the #1 overall seed deemed the best and #65 the worst. The teams are then divided into four regions – West, Midwest, South, and East – with 16 teams, seeded 1-16. Using a single-elimination format, the field of 64 is whittled down to 16 after the first weekend, and then down to four after the second, and eventually a champion on the first Tuesday in April. For gamblers online this is great it's easy to keep up with the games and the betting odds as they change throughout the Big Dance. Teams that make it out of the second round head into the Sweet 16 where more betting action is available. The winners of those games play in the Elite Eight. Winning teams then move to the Final Four, the most prestigious event in college sports. The bracket is the decision tree platform used to determine the flow of games and is revealed on Selection Sunday. There is purity is left in college sports as this format shows all have a chance to play harder or smarter. Get your account open and start checking those web sites March Madness is about to begin.


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