Ireland Poised to Move Ahead on Gambling Laws

Published Thursday, March 11, 2010 -

The big question in Ireland is how many jobs will the country gain if they change their old gambling laws. Some reports use the number 8000 which is a huge number when it comes to jobs. The usual spin off from all those jobs are all the taxes and benefits to an economy.Should online gambling be legalized and encouraged to locate in Ireland the effect on the well being of Ireland would be fundamentally enormous. Research has shown should the country

capture just 5 percent of the global online gambling industry it would represent a local sector worth 2.2 bn € and produce as many as 5,000 to 8,000 jobs that would earn an average of 40,000 € per year. The big carrot has not as yet changed the laws that were passed back in 1956 that regulate every aspect of gambling in Ireland. Other nations are moving forward at much faster pace to capture the industry's attention and reap the benefits of this clean commerce that has many aspects. Technology is moving quickly to accommodate the internet traffic that is growing in leaps and bounds. Mobile technology is making online gambling more accessible to more people at a massive speed. Solid jobs from the financial, e-commerce, and web development sectors must have a real and substantial regulatory system in place before those professionals would even consider moving to Ireland. While the UK is still waiting on a new Finance Act from it's Parliament to smooth out the bumps in it's existing gambling legislation France and Spain are watching to see how it's done. Malta has already attracted as many as nineteen online gambling operators and is seeing the positive results of their strong rules and regulations. Will Ireland finally come around to seeing that online gambling will help it's economy or will it's politicians remain in the fifties?

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