Eleven New Jersey Casinos Oppose Online Gambling Legislation

Published Friday, June 11, 2010 - Online-Casinos.com

New Jersey USA is desperately looking for ways to reduce it's government budgetary deficit by what ever means they can including the legalization of online sports betting. Now Atlantic City's eleven casinos have said they are opposed to the pending state legislation that would let them offer sports wagering and online gambling in general.
The Casino Association of New Jersey have commented that the proposed new rules would contravene existing federal laws that prohibits online gambling and sports wagering.  They also think that New Jersey would not benefit from the changes and that only offshore operations would see an increase in business initially.
Democratic state assemblyman, John Burzichelli, who heads the committee on regulatory oversight and gaming received a letter from Casino Association president Joe Corbo outlining possible difficulties for the casino industry and New Jersey's horse racing industry.
Mr. Corbo wrote, "As the industry seeks to work with government to revitalize the economic engine that the Atlantic City casinos bring to the state of New Jersey, the last thing that the state needs at this time is to undermine the destination resort model by expanding gambling to other parts of the state," Corbo was critical of  the organization that backs the state proposals the Interactive Media Entertainment & Gaming Association who he says backs the interests of offshore online gambling operators writing, "New Jersey, which has set the gold standard for its gambling laws, should not now have its gambling laws driven by a group like iMEGA that is made up of offshore Internet gambling sites that are not permitted to accept wagers in the United States and are thumbing their nose at the United States Department of Justice,"
iMEGA's chairman, Joseph Brennan Jr., said the Atlantic City casinos would directly benefit from online gambling. "We advocated all along for the existing Atlantic City casinos to be the apex of this industry and this effort," he said. "The revenue would flow through them. The opportunity for Internet operators is to ink partnerships with casinos, which don't currently have the expertise, the technology or the manpower to get this business up off the ground."



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