Betfair TV Samsung Team Up for Online Betting Application

Published Friday, June 11, 2010 -

Samsung, the very large electronics manufacturer and Betfair TV have signed an agreement that will create a global first that offers a sports-betting application built into internet compatible high definition televisions from Samsung. This application comes just in time for the FIFA World Cup and the massive audiences watching the tournament. The Betfair platform allows for viewers to watch the odds and make bets even after the play has begun.
The aspect of live, real time betting goes hand and hand with the excitement of a live televised event. Manufacturers have long been working on combining a simple wagering application directly to the television and now with Samsung's internet ready HDTV that dream has become a reality.
An estimated 35 percent of all televisions sold in the UK will be online compatible by the end of 2010, which is why manufacturers of televisions and betting companies see huge potential in teaming up.
Software developers at Samsung and Betfair TV have managed to come up with a simple to use on screen interface that allows punters to see the odds and place their bets while the game is underway.
Betfair announced recently it had released a Yahoo widget application that would run on compatible televisions like Samsung and Sony allowing bets to be placed with a remote controller. Punters can place a fixed stake bet of £2, £5, £10 or £25 exclusively. The widget has limited scope compared to full streaming betting content and data directly from Betfair’s servers making real time wagers possible.
Simon Miller Chief Executive Officer at Betfair TV commented on the new Betfair TV Samsung deal saying, “Samsung is investing heavily in this (Connected TV) technology and we are looking forward to working with them to provide customers with a first-class entertainment experience.”
Technology is moving the online gambling industry into realms only dreamt of a few short years ago, interactive sports wagering is just the beginning of a new and exciting era with lots more to come. 



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