Changes Coming to Rules of Casino Games in Great Britain

Published Sunday, September 12, 2010 -

The British online gambling industry has been operational for long time now and it is thought that it's time to update the rules and make online gambling in the U.K. even more usable.
The established U.K. Gambling Commission is considering amending the part regarding the Rules of Casino Games in Great Britain.
This document stipulates what games casinos from the U.K. can legally offer and has been in effect since 2007. It only permits casino license holders to offer games that are on the Commission's official list of approved games is causing problems for operators who are continually offering new games and new concepts.
Recent changes in internet gambling legislation have increased the Remote Gaming Tax that is deducted from all U.K. online gambling operations. This has had a huge impact on the industry, and some critics see this as the death knell for the U.K. jurisdiction because it encourages companies to apply for licenses in other less costly venues. Some of the UK’s largest online gambling groups have already moved their offices offshore, where taxes are lower and regulations less stringent.

The need to amend the Rules of Casino Games document is that it is proving impractical for the gaming industry. If a game appears with slightly different rule variations, or with a unique side bet, it will not be made available in U.K. casinos. If the Rules of Casino Games in Great Britain is made obsolete it will be replaced with a new mandate, "Licensees must not offer or permit to be played casino games that appear on any list of games prohibited by the Commission."

The U.K. Gambling Commission will be able to maintain control over what games U.K. casinos offer while simplifying the process for operators.
In late November the UK Gambling Commission will conclude the changes and are requesting input from local casinos.

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