New Zealand Looks At Online Lottery Expansion

Published Tuesday, July 12, 2011 -

New Zealand has had a few serious set backs to it’s economy in recent times, the earthquake and its damage have taken a big toll and the country has struggled to make ends meet. The gambling scene in New Zealand has always been looking for better ways to reap the rewards of the punting public.

The New Zealand government has been making changes to accommodate the new way of betting via the internet.  New Zealand currently has a plan to introduce online lottery scratch cards which could soon be available in the country.
The Lotteries Commission revealed in its Statement of Intent for the next two financial years that the Commission will pursue the introduction of more online gambling.  In a concerted effort to improve the sales quotas on lottery tickets the Instant Kiwi scratch cards would be made available with the use of the web.

The plan does come with the usual negative criticism from the Problem Gambling Foundation and it members. Spokesperson Graham Aitken, told TV One recently, “You get online and start buying these things and start losing your rationality and start losing quite big money.”
While also admitting that Lottery gambling is less harmful than some other forms of gambling Aiken was quick to point out, “Whether it’s going to burgeon and go out of control, we don’t know… We know that it’s starting but we don’t know how far it’s going to go.”

Chief Executive Officer of the Lotteries Commission, Todd McLeay, said nothing has been decided upon as yet and that, “Any move to introduce more products to our online channel, such as instants, would have to meet our high standards of social responsibility and would be subject to Government approval,” McLeay continued, “At this stage, we are not consulting with the Government regarding any additional products being offered online.”




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