Poker Players Alliance Determined To Repeal UIGEA

Published Tuesday, July 12, 2011 -

The poker players in the USA are very upset, that for the past five years they have been told by the Department of Justice, banking institutions, and others that what they love to do is illegal and wrong.
Enter the Poker Players Alliance of America an organization that has been committed to lobbying the politicians that create the laws that poker is a game that requires skill and therefore should not be lumped in with all the games of chance. It doesn’t take a shred of intelligence to purchase a lottery ticket but it does take some skill to learn to play cards.

With the World Series of Poker Event in full swing in the USA the Poker Player Alliance Executive Chairman John Pappas, commented on the situation for online poker players in the States, "From a legislative view, things are progressing well," he continued, “We have bi-partisan support and a growing consensus in Washington that the PPA is the right approach to better protecting the consumers.”

Speaking to reporters from the PPA booth at the Rio Convention Center near to the WSOP event venue Papas pointed out, "We have offices all over the U.S. and a home base in Washington, D.C.," and "What better place to get our message out than right here at the WSOP?" The Association, has an estimated 1.2 million members. The PPA is an American nonprofit group designed to promote poker and protect the players’ rights.

Recognizing the fact the American system is haltingly slow and cumbersome Papas commented that "Years ago the opposition came from moralists, but now the challenge is gaining competitive balance," "Others like the tribes and offshore want control. Now, however, with our alliance we have a much stronger grass roots network and lawmakers are taking our side."
Papas and his organization are confident something will give in the near future with regards to a repeal of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006.  "We feel good about our chances to overturn the 2006 legislation," he said.



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