Illegal Credit Betting Operation Case Finally Comes to Court

Published Monday, September 12, 2011 -

The long arm of the law in the USA has done its due diligence in bringing charges against those individuals who allegedly broke the rules in Antigua and Barbuda regarding online betting. The law as it stands has those accused of operating a money processing operation that offered credit for wagering.
The US facing credit offering was operated out of the small Caribbean nation of Antigua and Barbuda was called Sports Offshore. Sports Offshore was a credit operation, with much of the funds being processed within the USA much of being cash. Offering credit for wagering is illegal in Antigua, and the operation did take advantage of Antigua to circumvent the laws of America.

To bet legally in Antigua a government license must be obtained which was validated for Antigua by the World Trade Organization in 2004. The company in question did not have a license to operate in Antigua. The USA has tried many times to oppose the WTO ruling and  Antigua’s right to offer online gambling licenses. The WTO has upheld their decision to let Antigua issue such licenses much to the dismay of America’s officials. Post up betting is when a gambler must open an account before placing a bet which is legal in the small country.

This is the first ever example of the UIGEA being used to prosecute Americans, what makes this Sports Offshore case even more unusual this case is not a typical example of a violation of this particular law. Daniel Eremian stands accused with brother Robert of running an illegal operation and they may be if convicted be the only ones to be sentenced under the UIGEA.
The UIGEA took four years for it to come into full force and as things are going in the States it may not be around for much longer. Three more people were arrested recently in the US recently regarding this particular violation.


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