Legal Online Gambling in the USA Needs Public Support

Published Saturday, November 12, 2011 -

The lobby groups for internet poker are plenty in the American jurisdiction and the effect the groups are having on the online gambling situation seems to be coming to a head. Separating facts from fiction is what the debate is about. The big argument in online poker issue is skill versus luck. Officially the government is stuck on the pure chance side and gives lip service to those who are putting huge amounts of money and time into convincing the majority otherwise.
Enter the FairPlay USA Organization which some say is the ultimate in lobby groups as they seek to strengthen the argument for legal online gambling by pointing out the dangers of illegal online gambling. FairPlay USA was formed by a group of consumer protection experts, lawmakers, professional poker players and online gambling companies, who all on the same track,  putting forth a concerted and consolidated effort for change.
There is an online petition presented on the organization’s web site as a method to engage the millions of internet poker players in the States who want to play in a safe and regulated environment where their money and personal information is protected.

FairPlay USA has also published 10 principles on how to play online poker legally. The group’s principles include strengthening the UIGEA in order to clear the decks of illegal online gambling sites in America. They also advocate the use of today’s latest technology to determine age limitations and give problem gamblers a source of effective help.
The organization is dedicated to explaining the financial benefits for jurisdictions in the States that would allow online poker and other internet wagering activities. The facts suggest that besides the taxation and licensing revenues there is the prospect of thousands of jobs related to the online gambling industry. The safety, the revenues, the social responsibility, among other issues are compelling reasons for the politicians to see that legalizing and regulating online gambling is a better idea. 


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