Denmark Delays Full Implementation of New Online Gambling Regulations

Published Monday, December 12, 2011 -

Recently the Danish Gambling Authority announced it will be delaying the full implementation of its new gambling framework until the first of February 2012. Although the market will open as planned January first 2012 the executive orders regarding online betting, land betting and online casinos will suffer the delay.

Technical issues were responsible for the announcement with the Danish Gambling Authority saying the reason are because of the submission to the European Commission on alterations to requirements for the physical location of the gaming system and the implementation of a digital signature. The DanID which operates user verification and digital signature specialist NemID, has given the DGA a set back because the modules employed for players to login to websites and player identification will not be ready by the original launch date of January 1, 2012 for operators that are from countries other than Denmark.

Measures are in place to keep everything else on track for the rolling out of the new rules which are considered by many as the most fair and comprehensive in the European Union. In keeping with timing of the launch the Authority stated that online and land based betting and online casino license holders’ verification and login procedures will be regulated with additional terms until the relevant modules are in place.

Operators will require a validated identity of registered players as an alternative to the digital signature that will eventually become available through verification and digital signature specialist NemID. Players may have to provide a drivers license or possibly a passport as an alternative forms of identification in order to register and log on to online gambling web sites. There have been very few problems in the process of opening up of the online wagering business in Denmark compared to other E.U. nations that are trying to find viable solutions to the liberalization of the industry. The European Commission is working on a unified approach so that operators in other E.U. countries will have a level playing field in which to offer their services.



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