Australian Committee on Gambling Reform Rejects Interactive Gambling Bill

Published Monday, December 12, 2011 -

The Australian Parliamentary Joint Select Committee on Gambling Reform has rejected the opposing member Senator Nick Xenophon's Interactive Gambling Bill.
Xenophon's proposed bill which was brought o parliament last June would have seen all transactions banned that dealt with so called illegal offshore wagering locations, as well as a severe reduction in advertizing related to gambling and the prohibition of live wagering during a sporting event.

The committee also rejected the alternative proposal which was brought forward by Steven Munchenberg, Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Bankers' Association, calling for a black list of offshore operators who are considered illegal in Australia.
The Committee’s majority noted that the suspension of transactions with regard to online wagering operations would be impractical and stated, "Electronic transactions involving multiple parties are conducted in a matter of seconds, making a request to suspend or cancel them unfeasible.”  The ongoing battle for fair online gambling rules in Australia is making headlines almost daily in Australia. A short while ago another committee recommended the implementation of a regulated and licensed online gambling industry across the land in order to boost the economy and make online gambling safer for Australian punters. 

The Joint Select Committee has stated, “We do not support the introduction of any form of financial transactions or payment controls. We recommend the bill not be passed”.
Parliament agreed on September 30th 2010 that a Joint Select Committee on Gambling Reform be appointed to report on and make inquires into the Productivity Commission report on gambling, released in June 2010, including a national response to the full set of its recommendations among other issues.
At this juncture the Committee put forward as many as twenty recommendations mostly connected to sports betting including  company logos ban on jerseys, prohibition of live odds promotion, a ban on betting advertising during times when children may be watching, and restrictions on team products that promote sponsors.
Also part of the committee’s mandate is the design and implementation of a best practice full pre-commitment scheme that is uniform across all States and Territories and machines and consistent with the recommendations and findings of the Productivity Commission.




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