Online Gambling Guru Calvin Arye Retains Legal Defence Team

Published Thursday, April 12, 2012 -

The recent indictments in Maryland USA of online gambling success story Bodog creator Executive Calvin Ayre has a few people asking where’s the proof for such allegations. Calvin Ayre has been around the game along time and it seems highly unlikely he missed a step in the American online gambling crackdown that has seen many an online payment processor or company CEO prosecuted.

Bodog is an easy target some may contend, looking at the way Calvin Ayre leads his life with what many observe as a devil may care approach. More power to him is the attitude his followers say and why not he is transparent and out front.

Ayre and three other people have been charged with alleged money laundering and running an online gambling operation. The US Attorney’s office in the state of Maryland decided on February 28th 2012 to indict Calvin Ayre, Jim Philip and two junior employees for alleged wrongdoing. The US Department of Homeland Security seized the defunct web domain and reactivated it only to put their stamp of authority on the landing page indicating it was now seized property. There is a certain amount of confusion to say the least what with the web site being inactive for a long time and indications the alleged crimes took place after Calvin Ayre sold the gaming operations.. The Morris Mohawk Gaming Group continued to operate under a brand licensing agreement until the deal expired last year. Agents for the government claim they made bets on in January 2012 a long time after the web site became inactive.

Not to be left holding the bag Calvin Ayre has retained a high profile legal team from New York City. He has retained the law firm of Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney PC to defend him in US court. The team has enlisted famed defence attorney Barry I. Slotnick, Barry’s son Stuart and four others to seek justice for Calvin in the coming months.

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