PokerStars Pulls the Plug on Online Poker Data Miners

Published Saturday, May 12, 2012 -

PokerStars has been leading the charge against data miners for a long time now and has been successful on a few fronts. Ramping up its ongoing battle against the web firms that use the data for commercial purposes PokerStars has issued another cease and desist letter to data miners Poker Table Ratings demanding the site remove PokerStars player data from the offerings at the site. PokerStars also seized the domain name of the company which prompted the firm to do as PokerStars requested. The data mining company has decided to at least offer an opt-in service to those PokerStars players who wish to provide their information freely and without bias.

Looking at the proper behaviour finally exhibited by Poker Table Ratings, another data mining company Poker-Edge has removed PokerStars player data as to avoid a collision with the PokerStars legal team. Other data mining web sites SharkScope and Official Poker Rankings have said they will cooperate with the PokerStars request and instigate a fully opt-in policy regarding the inclusion of PokerStars player data in their online tournament results. SharkScoper posted a statement on their forum saying the company had made “great efforts to collaborate with PokerStars on their 3rd party data collection policy. Unfortunately now the time has come where they are requiring us to completely implement their opt in procedure on their .com network, even for subscribers.”

Tracking the results of poker tables and hands has been giving poker tournament players valuable insite into the opposition players styles and competency and with the information form the data have been able to play a more informed game. This is seen as an advantage by some players but for others an invasion of privacy without a choice. For many poker players the data these miners provides can mean the difference between winning and losing a bundle.

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