4G Mobile Technology To Speed Growth of Online Gambling

Published Thursday, July 12, 2012 - Online-Casinos.com

Figures for mobile devices and their popularity continue to dominate in the news. Mobile devises are expected to overtake sales of desktop and laptop computers. The reason is that your cell phone, for example is always with you. You can play anytime you want.

General estimates from world data sources are that mobile use has doubled since 2010. It now accounts for 10% of world-wide Internet usage. But for some countries, such as India calculations for Internet usage from mobile devices is already nearing 50%.

The pressure on companies dealing with iGaming is on. For the mobile iGaming industry, where the issue of compatibility is high on the agenda innovators are working round the clock to compete for market share. Of course, creating connectivity, speed, and virtual money are issues that around the world continues for better or worse depending where you are. If you are plugged into a wall with a wireless router then connectivity remains primarily stable. However connectivity remains a stumbling block for the mobile market. Since people want to play casino games in airports, while riding on buses and while waiting in the doctors office the industry is working hard so that they may do so with more ease.

The new technology that has everyone talking is 4G. After 3G technology, it is the next step forwards in mobile network technology. While providing faster download speeds offering 100MB per second it is ideal for fast-moving connections. This is important, for instance if you needed connections while in a car or a train and 1GB per second for a stationary internet like for your desktop computer. This 4G technology could be the next perfect thing. It could be done without costly cable connections. It might all mean faster and more reliable internet access in the future.

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