GeoComply Teams up with Probability Mobile Gambling Provider

Published Thursday, July 12, 2012 -

In the online gambling world it has become essential that operators know where and who is using their domain location. As the laws governing internet wagering become increasingly dependent on locating where a player is coming from firms have come into being that focus on secure geopositioning.

One such company that is highly regarded in mobile Geopositioning technology is GeoComply which is focused on continually developing and implementing leading geolocation technology solutions for regulated markets and industries. With the technology comes the opportunity to offer online products and services into sovereign jurisdictions which have been previously unavailable due to a lack of confidence in the Geopositioning of online users. The GeoComply MatrixTM solution blends multiple geolocation methodologies into one secure and operator-friendly package that allows operators an unheralded degree of confidence and control over the setting and observance of their compliance standards on user location. Now Probability, the specialist mobile gambling provider and operator, has made a commitment to leverage Nevada based GeoComply's market-leading technology for the secure geolocation of mobile gambling customers. Initial devices to utilize the technology include all Android handsets, as well as Apple’s iPhones and iPads.

The CEO of GeoComply, Anna Sainsbury, commented on the deal, “Players expect to be able to wager on their games of choice on their device of choice”, Sainsbury, added, “However, conventional geolocation technologies often make it very hard for operators to know with confidence where their players are coming from. In the case of regulated markets, we provide that assurance for them”.

The CEO of Probability, Charles Cohen, said, “As a company that puts compliance at the heart of what we do, we are very happy to be working with GeoComply as they understand not only the regulatory and social responsibility standards we adhere to, but also the absolute priority of giving the player a seamless customer experience and where all the 'hard yards' required for the geolocation are done in the background.”

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