Canadian Soccer League Compromised By Crime Syndicate

Published Wednesday, September 12, 2012 -

The corrupt world of crime and gangs reaches far and wide throughout the sporting industry even to the Great White North as some call it, Canada. A recent Canadian Broadcasting Corporation report has revealed that there were matches being fixed in the Canadian Soccer League. Everyone else except those in North America calls the game ‘football’ but on that continent there is a different kind of football game played with pointed ball similar to rugby.

The CBC News report reveals evidence of match-fixing in the Canadian Soccer League. The Canadian Soccer League is a semi-professional league operating in Ontario and Quebec as a feeder system for major league clubs. The details of this exclusive story will be aired on CBC News ‘The National’ tonight. When investigating the German Court case files on the biggest sports corruption match fixing scandal to ever be uncovered in Europe, information on the Canadian connection surfaced. Within hundreds of hours of police wiretaps researched by the CBC at least one game was implicated in corrupt practice. It was revealed that there were bribes being made to players to influence the outcome of a game.

A semi professional league such as the one in Canada is a prime target for criminals who see opportunity in weakness. These unscrupulous crooks can do irreparable harm to the emerging sport in Canada and the reputations of teams and players who have aspirations of one time being in the World Cup Championship.

Verdicts have been handed down in the European match fixing scandal with six people having been convicted for their involvement in the match-fixing syndicate. The stiffest sentences were for two players who were each sentenced to 5½ years behind bars in May 2011. Four others were convicted and sentenced to terms ranging from a suspended 18-month sentence to three years in jail. Six other men are currently still on trial in a German court. The syndicate manipulated domestic league games around the world.

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