Australian Online Sports Book Parody Advert Sparks Challenge

Published Wednesday, September 12, 2012 -

Some online betting companies are always testing the waters of the advertizing world with attempts at humour that usually pokes fun at institutions such as the banks or the Olympics. Paddy Power comes to mind when ever banned adverts is spoken of and that is exactly what the campaign set out to accomplish. Recognition through controversy has proven effective in many campaigns.

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia is not taking the antics of Sportsbet advertizing on Facebook and Youtube so lightly and have forced the online sports book to remove the mocking pitch on its 'CAN' advertizing that pokes fun at the bank’s claim that it can make dreams come true.

Australia’s largest financial institution will have none of it. CBA’s pitch features Australian actress Toni Collette reciting a poem that dramatizes, “the attitude every Commonwealth Bank employee will bring to the workplace to help customers move forward.” Sportsbet’s parody looks similar to the idyllic backdrop of bank’s campaign advert. Now to garner even more press and poke even more fun at the stogy banking traditions, Sportsbet has challenged the Commonwealth Bank of Australia to a ‘dance off’ they are calling a ‘Can Can’ event. Sportsbet has placed the ‘gentleman’s challenge’ in full-page print ads in several Australian daily newspapers addressed to “The person who can’t take a joke.” It’s also has hired professional dancers to perform the ‘CanCan’ in front of a major CBA branch in Melbourne at 10am on Wednesday, Sept. 12. Talk about gorilla marketing, this stunt takes the cake. Sportsbet has scheduled the ‘dance-off’ to take place on Tuesday Sept. 18 at a location of CBA’s choosing. If CBA wins the challenge Sportsbet will donate $50,000 to whatever charity the CBA chooses.

CBA responded by saying, “We take any infringement or attempt to de-value our intellectual property rights seriously,” adding, “Given our discussions with the Advertising Standards Bureau on this matter, it would be inappropriate for us to respond to Sportsbet’s advertisement today.”

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