Indonesian Police Halt Online Poker Operation

Published Friday, October 12, 2012 -

A news bulletin coming from the Jakarta Post in Indonesia says an un-named US based company was brought down in Jakarta for offering illegal online poker. Indonesia is a mysterious place that most Europeans and especially westerners know little about. It is the fourth most populated country on earth and a lot of people are connected to the internet in fact there are 45 million internet users in Indonesia of which 64 percent or 28 million users are 15 to 19 years of age.

While online gambling and playing online poker is illegal in Indonesia there is little to suggest there is a lot of enforcement of the legislation. Every once in awhile there is a crackdown on the cock fights and bull fights and even internet poker offerings. Recently the National Police announced its cyber crimes unit had arrested a big online gambling group from the USA who are accused of operating an illegal poker playing web location. Brig. General Boy Rafli Amar spoke for the National Police cyber crime unit explaining that the villains were detained in West Java’s Bogor. The group was identified as MD, OM, RF and HD, it’s strange that no names were released. The National Police continued to explain the suspects were charged with Article 303 of Criminal Code on Gambling, Article 27 of the Information and Electronic Transaction Law and the 2010 Law on Money Laundering. These are serious charges that carry long prison terms of ten years or more.

The Police spokesperson commented that the group was operating poker online gambling through and web sites, Upon looking at the web sites mentioned the was indeed a poker site that did not indicate any registration or licensing of the site. It looked very clandestine without credentials that were visible. The investigation has been ongoing since September with the raid going down October 5th resulting in the seizing of ATM cards, computers and mobile phones.

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