Paddy Power Recruiting Personel To Service Online Gambling

Published Friday, October 12, 2012 -

Icon Irish book maker Paddy Power has been making headlines regularly with its gorilla marketing campaigns and its huge growth rate in the online gambling division. Headquartered in Dublin the Paddy Power staff is getting upgraded with the expanded employment of another 600 plus people over the next few years. Paddy Power has the intention of being that much busier with its interactive cell growing at an enormous rate. The online aspect of Paddy Power is generating the biggest portion of Paddy’s profits driving the firm to put more in as an investment.

Paddy Power’s recent release of its Roller Casino app for iPad and iPhone will boost the business and the company needs the staff in Dublin to handle the volume. Paddy is recruiting for e-commerce, risk management, quantitative research, social media, online marketing and technology professionals. After the hiring is complete, the new employees will total 2,783 in Ireland. The retail sector of Paddy Power is under a siege of sorts as the company fights the government along with Betfair to have its betting shops allowed to remain open for business later in the night.

The government has failed to extend the shops’ hours of operation which some bookies believe will result in the layoff of as many as 500 betting shop staff. The unemployment rate in Ireland is but 15% so Paddy Power may have to look hard for those much needed new hires. Paddy Power is waiting to see if its application for late night operations come through from the Heath District Council’s licensing committee, which is scheduled to deliver its decision on Oct. 24th.

Looking at the online gambling sector the development of its mobile platform application Roller Casino with Viaden Gaming which now offers 19 slot games, casino table action and an HTML5 option for Android users shows a serious commitment to the future of Irish betting power 24/7.

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