Youth Attracted to Online Casino Comfort Zone

Published Saturday, January 12, 2013 -

A recent article in Canada’s capital newspaper the Ottawa Citizen headline read, “The Glamour of gambling seduces young people, too” Well no kidding when you look at target marketing and where the advertizing dollars are spent it’s no wonder the youth of today are enamoured by gambling especially online.

We are living in cell phone world replete with some much entertainment from every corner that it would be hard to avoid some form of gambling. Current studies at various noted institutions around the globe are focusing on gambling and its affect on today’s vulnerable youth. Studies are revealing that gambling addiction associated with internet addiction is considered the fastest growing problem among the young demographic and especially young males. A noted University in Montreal, McGill has the most recent info regarding the issue easily obtained at the McGill's International Centre for Youth Gambling Problems and High Risk Behaviour: web site.

Youth today are exposed to gambling through the television in adverts for lotteries on the internet through promotions for gambling sites that are free to play and their parents and grandparents who buy lottery tickets as stocking stuffers of birthday gifts. Researchers have determined the young people of today are exposed to gambling in more ways than one would normally think and are indeed being attracted to the imagined riches taking a chance could bring.

Gail Beck, an Ottawa MD, and Director of Youth Outpatient Psychiatry at the Royal commented in the article. ‘We tend to believe that gambling is somehow "restricted" to those over a certain age, even though online gaming and even casinos are very accessible’. She stated in the article that youth had told her that casinos are welcoming for those youth looking for a place to feel comfortable and it is easy to “zone out” with slots and other online games. The chance to escape and to "win big" is ever present online. Social gambling will bring added risks for the youth of tomorrow, something that is sure to have researchers and parents looking for answers.

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