Betfair Online Gambling Employs ForgeRock's Open Platform

Published Wednesday, May 12, 2010 -

Open-source enterprise application software provider ForgeRock has been organized by three former Sun Microsystems executives to offer their services to one of the world's largest online gambling operator Betfair among other clients. Simon Phipps, Lasse Andresen and Hermann Svoren have joined Oslo-based ForgeRock the official steward of the ForgeRock I3 Open Platform project. Their new OpenAM Identity Management customers were rolled out to identify some of the system advantages. The ForgeRock I³ Open Platform is an open, high-performance and unified platform addressing Interaction, Identity and Integration issues facing enterprises today.

The I³ Open Platform is built from proven and award-winning open source projects. Veteran Simon Phipps will be joining the ForgeRock board and executive team as chief strategy officer. Phipps brings his experience of open source communities, governance and open standards to the company. He joins chief executive officer, Lasse Andresen and director of sales, Hermann Svoren. Phipps is a director of the Open Source Initiative (OSI) and board advisor of Open Source for America.

The ForgeRock I³ Open Platform provides a secure and integrated application platform comprising premier quality Portal, Identity, Access and Federation management solutions alongside an Enterprise Service Bus that brings all business services together. It achieves all this without compromising either the user experience, security or the flexibility to add services or new aggregated content, while protecting software freedoms from lock-in. The ForgeRock philosophy of keeping code ownership within the community is one that clients have embraced as part of the open source concept. Phipps said that this is one of the great advantages of open source software, "With open source, the company may fold but the community carries on."

Refering to the fact that ForgeRock is rescuing the abandoned Oracle OpenSSO project. ForgeRock will provide a bridge for former Oracle customers, so that a new architecture does not to be applied. BetFair, agrees with the liberal open source development policies employed by ForgeRock that include a contributor agreement asking for a license opening the code to the project and its users.

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