South Africa Awaits Gambling Review Commission Report

Published Friday, August 13, 2010 -

South Africa has been sitting on the fence for a long time now when it comes to implementing new laws for online gambling.
Rob Davies, the Minister for South Africa’s Trade and Industry is eagerly awaiting the arrival of a report on the state of country’s gambling industry. Commissioned by the government the Gambling Review Commission's report will hopefully act as a guide for future changes in the laws regarding internet betting. Astrid Ludin, who headed up the team for the Gambling Review Commission report examined how South Africa’s gambling industry has evolved over the last ten years. Commissioner, Stephen Louw, commented that, "Countries continue to grapple with online gaming, irrespective of whether they decided to ban or legalize it,"  adding, "Few countries have fully understood the implications of online gambling."
Since 2004, the last time gambling laws were amended in South Africa, a lot has changed specifically, internet betting and the rise in the popularity of poker on the web.
South African delegates for the government have traveled to Antigua and Barbuda to examine the regulatory framework created in that jurisdiction with some success. The South African politicians have a great deal to deal with when it comes to changing fundamental gambling laws in the nation. The international aspects of the internet and the control standards required for regulated and licensed online operations are the biggest obstacles facing the Gambling Review Commission. A study is still just a study and not real action to make new laws and positive changes. Laws take time and the Minister for South African Trade and Industry wants to make sure that what is proposed has value and up to date information to base conclusions on. The government wants to do this review properly and efficiently. The goal for the government is to make a safe and secure environment for players in South Africa that is able to offer a competitive choice in an ever expanding online gambling universe. It's a sure bet that the process will take time to iron out every little detail.



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