European Parliament Hosts Responsible Gaming Day

Published Wednesday, October 13, 2010 -

In an effort to clear up misconceptions about internet wagering and bring all participants up to speed on the need for cooperation among the European Member countries the Third Responsible Gaming Day is taking place at the European Parliament October 13, 2010.

Key stakeholders from across the online gaming industry spoke with one voice, calling on the E.U. to show greater cooperation for a safer and more secure online gaming environment for customers.
A planned Green Paper on the gambling sector has been proposed over the coming months which would "collect the information necessary to determine the most efficient and coherent systems addressing recognized public interest objectives",said Jean Bergevin, head of unit at DG Internal Market as a spokesperson for the E. C. The Green Paper is one a few initiatives put forward by the European Commission in 2010.

Addressing the delegates of the European Parliament Co-ceo of bwin, Norbert Teufelberger, Co-CEO of bwin, said, "With almost 2/3 of EU member states already working on or at least considering a reform of their gaming markets, there is a unique momentum now to ensure that regulation delivers for consumers, the industry and Europe." Teufelberger added, "Regulation must be harmonised so that consumers receive similar high protection regardless of where they play. Online gaming is a cross-border activity and consumer protection needs to be applied cross-border as well."

Timothy Kirkhope, a Member of the European Parliament is the host for the event commented, "This is a golden opportunity to begin to set in place a level playing field for a sector which is struggling with a patchwork of different rules. I have great faith in Commissioner Barnier that he will take heed of our discussions today, and begin to work out a strategy to ensure that online gambling can become a legitimate part of the internal market."
Other E.C. initiatives include responsible remote gambling measures are being developed in a workshop hosted by the European Committee of Standardisation.



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