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Published Wednesday, October 13, 2010 -

The online gambling industry is growing in leaps and bounds and with this expansion comes the need for direction and analysis. Companies that are experienced in getting online gambling operations off the ground and keeping others ahead of the curve are essential in today's fast changing environment.

A new endeavour was launch recently by two seasoned gaming executives called Gaming Edge Associates. The firm states it will be able to offer high quality expertise in a cost effective way. A pragmatic approach is employed to deliver, high impact solutions tailored to the specific requirements of clients.

The two former senior Betfair executives with multiple years of experience in the online gambling industry. Ben Fried, ex-global head of Betfair Poker and Anton Bell, previously marketing director of Betfair, have joined forces to launch the new consultancy venture.
Mr. Bell commented, "We have a core understanding of the gaming customer, the marketplace and we have extensive knowledge of all product verticals, including poker, sports, bingo, casino and social gaming,"  adding, "Our experience developing the Betfair business and other leading companies will benefit many clients in the sector and we are very excited to be launching online now. We believe that there is a huge opportunity for skilled consultancy to service the needs of industry,"

A company statement read. The company is building a network of smart, independent associates keen to apply their specialist product and functional expertise to new environments in the gaming industry rather than be tied to just one.

Mr. Fried said, "While our core client interaction to date has been on the consulting side, we have noticed strong growth in opportunities to help our partners navigate the gaming industry. On top of this, we are very excited to be launching our first proprietary product to the market at the end of October." Fried, added, "We believe there is a role for impartial expertise in the gaming Industry and fully recognise that working in a very competitive marketplace, our integrity is paramount. We have absolute respect for client confidentiality." 


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