Republican Joe Barton Proposes Legalizing Online Poker in the USA

Published Monday, June 13, 2011 -

Federal authorities in the USA have been cracking down on online poker and money processors who do business with operators that offer the services to American’s over the web and then here is another effort to bring a resonable solution to the table. 

Focusing on poker a new proposal is being drafted by Texas Republican representative Joe Barton sponsoring the bill in co-operation with the Poker Players Alliance of America. It has been suggested that there is some consultation underway regarding the debate over whether poker is in fact a game requiring a skill similar to a sport and not just a game of pure chance. Barton who is the chairman emeritus of the United States Energy and Commerce Committee plans to introduce the bill under this committee so that as Chairman there will be a measure of control over the introduction of the bill.

In a recent report in the Nevada newspaper Las Vegas Sun, the Republican representative John Campbell and Democrat representative Barney Frank who have co sponsored a similar more comprehensive online gambling proposition said they will support the Barton bill. Barney Frank noted that he would prefer a legislation that would include other gambling sectors but advised that there is "an extraordinary restriction on people's freedom right now" and therefore would take something over nothing.

John Campbell also said that depending on which of the two proposals moved forward they would endorse which ever bill became viable. Barton  was also quoted by the newspaper as saying, "This is not a Republican leadership initiative, but they're aware of it. It's a sensitive issue, but an issue where there's a majority consensus in the House and Senate to make this change." The Republican Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has not made a commitment on this particular proposal but he does have the support of the American Gaming Association. The efforts made by various State governments to legalize online gambling have stalled and become inactive. Federal legislation will take time but politicians are somewhat optimistic that things will change for the better eventually.



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