Mobile Online Gambling Increased by 100% in UK

Published Wednesday, July 13, 2011 -

The internet has changed the way people play, communicate and work like no other technology has in the past. The advent of portable cell phones that can connect with the internet and display everything a desk top computer could just a few years ago has advanced the use of the internet greatly making entertainment as well as business something a lot less stationary and a lot more flexible.

New mobile phones are capable of an enormous amount of applications. One of those applications is  internet wagering on the move.
A firm in the USA HIS Screen Digest was recently commissioned to study the growth of mobile gambling in the United Kingdom. The research has revealed that mobile online gambling had increased in the UK by one hundred percent in one year. IHS Screen Digest statistics have shown that in 2010 mobile gambling generated £41 million more than double the £19 million for 2009. The staggering increase is attributed to the availability of better and more powerful smart phones and the increased popularity of  online gambling.

Head of Mobile at HIS Screen Digest, Ronan De Renesse, commented, "The full implementation of the 2005 UK Gambling Act in 2007 helped change the public perception of mobile gambling by allowing online betting sites to advertise their services on television and radio for the first time."
Gambling has changed in recent years in the UK,  "No longer does gambling conjure an image of a smoky betting shop hidden from the public," De Renesse said, "Instead, betting has crafted itself into a respectable enterprise by using ad campaigns featuring the endorsements of sports pundits."
"Today's mobile gambler is very different from the mobile gambler five years ago," continued De Renesse, "Previously, aesthetics and speed were sacrificed for accessibility over a variety of devices. Today, consumers want a quick, good looking application that provides additional content and allows them to place bets, spin a roulette wheel or buy a bingo ticket with the same level of ease that they currently can find online."



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