Expert Says Seniors Risk Gambling Addiction

Published Tuesday, September 13, 2011 -

A journalist in Florida is warning the senior set that they could be falling prey to the pitfalls of gambling and other habits that could lead to social issues. Why the article points to seniors is confusing because bad habits can be had by all demographics. The growing population of elderly people in the USA is becoming the topic of many articles that deal with the issues that come about as individuals age. 
Gambling can be a significant drain on anyone’s resources but as the article points out many seniors are on a fixed income and are using funds that normally would be spent on better housing and better nutrition to play at offline and online casinos.

The need to have some stimulation and fun are not restricted to the older set but becomes a problem when the person forgets and gets involved with sometimes unpleasant results. The gambling industry is well aware of the retired individual’s free time and available credit. Trips are often organized for a day out at the casino which are social until the gaming begins. In online situations the senior player may find comfort in chat rooms while playing bingo or poker.

The difference the experts say is when the gambler looses control over their spending and trys to cover up their issues by staying away from family and friends.
Some senior players get a thrill from the playing of slots and video poker which they say stimulates their memory and keeps them alert. Others say the playing at online or land based casinos provides a distraction from the boring routine of retired living and the pain sometimes associated with old age.
The article says that seniors don’t seek help for gambling problems because they are embarrassed or don’t know where to turn. Some signs that may indicate there are issues include the gambler saying they gamble to 'calm nerves' or combat depression, or  a sudden need for cash or a loan. If you are a senior and are having trouble coping don’t hesitate to look for help, it could mean a great deal to family or friends who may see a problem but don’t want to interfere.

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