R G A Launches Online Gambling Objectives Framework

Published Thursday, October 13, 2011 - Online-Casinos.com

“Online Gambling: Key Objectives for a successful regulatory and tax framework” The Remote Gambling Association  issued a significant platform for the online gambling industry in Italy  recently. Milan was the setting for the release of a simple and comprehensive paper for a regulatory framework in the European Union that will meet and exceed the expectations of operators and governments alike.
Protecting the rights of players, operators, and regulatory bodies across Europe is the objective of the RGA discourse. Diverse opinions on how the European Union should standardize the rules regarding online betting have been surfacing for a long time without a focus on consistency in the Union.

“Online Gambling: Key Objectives for a successful regulatory and tax framework” has been sectioned into three divisions. The “Key regulatory objectives” partition maintains there is a need for a fair, competitive and legal gambling environment.  The important section on “Taxation” outlines the requirements for the individual jurisdictions to make some sort of profit while at the same time highlighting that the tax burden in usually passed on to the end user, the consumer. Primarily the last sector dwells on the players who should be able to see the various products and their revenue streams.  

The RGA document looks at licensing and regulation as moving and evolving that keeps pace with new and developing technologies. 
Clive Hawkswood the person in charge of the RGA said, "Our message to them is that working in partnership with responsible operators and building modern remote gambling regimes that balance consumer interests and commercial opportunities presents the greatest prospect for new remote frameworks to be successful from a social and fiscal perspective."
The RGA has been on a constant vigil to keep the needs of players and operators in balance while furthering the idea that a consistent set of rules that are fair to everyone involved should be adopted by the European Union and its lawmakers.


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