Online Poker- Zynga Is Coming on Strong

Published Sunday, November 13, 2011 -

Reading about Zynga and it new antics on the internet what with the rumours that are presented as positioning in the public domain you have to wonder how is this going to affect the online gambling industry. It is simple all of the positioning is a massive move towards making Zynga bigger and better and more capable.

This company steps into its own big space every time it launches something, the incredibly fun success of Farmville on Facebook and of course the huge Zynga Poker Network. Imaging the possibilities is not a stretch for anyone watching the stock market on this potential.
Now the Zynga firm is being accused of being less than ethical. Apparently Zynga has requested that early employees who put their faith in the company back when, give their shares back. It fact some authors are saying demanding that the early stock be repatriated back home.
In the face of the Initial Public Offering filed this July 2011 the boss of Zynga is attempting to retrieve the  generosity of his loyal early employees. A recent Wall Street Journal article says Chief Executive Officer Mark Pincus has demanded that certain early employees return their stock or face termination.

According to the various news sources the Zynga boss has fought back with the comment “We have nothing to hide in our past and present policies and I am proud of the ethical and fair way that we’ve built this company.” The spin on the issue is big and has it has a lot of journalists digging deep for the scoop.
According to the Fortune blog ‘Term Sheet’, Zynga which has registered its new casino games domains is just looking to adjust the amount of stock options employees get based on their contributions to the company. A portion of a possible billion dollar IPO is all the firm wants from those ‘under-achievers’ at the company that’s all.


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