Online Casino Action-On It's Way From Ontario Lottery & Gaming Corp.

Published Friday, January 13, 2012 -

Gambling is for adults that can see the difference between pure escape and the actuality of feeding your family or paying the bills. The argument, according to some detractors of gambling is that the lure to play is too heavy with TV advertizing etc. and that the governments are as addicted to the revenues as some of the players are to the games.

A recent article in the Canadian online news source revealed that last year, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation made $2.1 billion in revenue, much of which was invested in charities, hospitals and amateur sports. All good causes, that gambling provides the funding in part for but the article then says this revenue comes mostly from the compulsive gambler.
There are twenty seven land based casinos in Ontario which is a very large and not very populated place only 66,000 people frequent those casinos every day. Most of those people do know how to play responsibly but then there are the four percent of individuals who don’t and just like drugs or alcohol or any thing else an out of control person doesn’t know how to stop. Recent studies have revealed problem gamblers make up for for 35 per cent of Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation’s revenues.

Slots are particularly good for the gamer who just wants to zone out and some even believe there some system to winning at the lots which are run by certified random number generators. The OLG spends two per cent of the slots revenues on problem gambling research, treatment and prevention and recently, in 2010, the OLG established responsible gaming resource facilities at all of the 27 facilities.
Online gambling will be offered by the OLG coming in 2012 which will roll out other issues for the operators and for the public.

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