Australian Government Grappling With Online Gambling Reforms

Published Monday, February 13, 2012 -

Australia is still grappling with online gambling issues even though government sponsored reports on the subject say that it should be regulated and licenses for the safe and benefit of all concerned.

Prime Minister Julia Gilliard recently dumped her agreement with independent Member of Parliament Andrew Wilkie. The arrangement allowed Gillard to form a government which hangs by a thread now.  The deal with Wilkie would have seen legislation introduced for mandatory precommittment for the amount punters could place in their slot machines.
Wilkie has effectively withdrawn his support of the minority government saying Gillard is, “in breach of the written agreement she signed … a deal’s a deal and it must be honoured.”

The result of this breach of contract has led to a joint Select Committee on Gambling Reform, chaired by Wilkie which is saying online sports betting should have more controls placed on it.
Nick Champion, a Labour MP who is the Select Committee’s  deputy chairperson, was reported to say that sports betting issues had “surreptitiously” crept into Australians’ lives almost without them knowing it. The committee has already stated that yet another research institute be set up to deal with online gambling issues along with money allocated for an advertizing campaign to spell out to the Australian public there could be potential risks and harm from the online gambling activity. The Herald Sun reports that the Parliamentary committee should also look at banning live odds at sporting venues and during broadcasts of these sporting events. Wilkie reportedly said betting on sport was “proliferating” and was now worth around $790 million a year.

The select committee also has said gambling advertising should be prohibited during those times when children would be watching television and for measures to limit credit available to punters while playing. These factors that the select committee would like to see implemented are all for the good of the people the government claims.






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