MGM Resorts CEO Says Online Poker Unlikely On A Federal Level

Published Sunday, May 13, 2012 -

A recent article on the web while outlining the views of the CEO of one of Las Vegas’s biggest casino companies MGM Resorts revealed, in his opinion, the federal government in the USA would not be legalizing online poker any time soon. Jim Murren blames the Republicans in the House of Representatives for the postponement.

During his keynote address at the Southern Gaming Summit in Biloxi, Mississippi recently Mr, Murren indicated he thought online poker would be available sometime this year, although not federally, “because the federal government is doing what they are best at,” A reference to the constant debate and dithering that goes on in Washington D.C.. Murren said to those who were attending the Southern Gaming Summit that the federal option was still the preferred option, framing the proposal as a, “better at every level than a state-by-state solution. You can more accurately regulate, enforce, tax… You can have a better crime prevention component to it.” Murren went on to explain that in his opinion with the House of Representatives, and the majority held by the Republicans that there would not be any resolution in the debate and the possibility of online poker legislation being passed is next to nil.

MGM has big plans and isn’t afraid of the competition in the form on social online gaming. Murren was quoted as saying MGM would embrace social gaming in an effort to attract the younger demographic to its casino resorts. The CEO also pointed to the open door that technology is providing and says that his company wasn’t going to be left out in the cold as technology opens up this new growth potential. Social gaming is, “a great opportunity for companies that are willing to compete, that have the assets that can compete and have the horsepower to do it.” Murren concluded.

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