New Jersey USA Close to Passing Online Gambling Legislation

Published Sunday, May 13, 2012 -

Atlantic City in New Jersey USA used to be a destination for millions of gamblers who looked for an alternative to the Las Vegas venue. For many years now Atlantic City has seen declines in visitors and revenues , much to the dismay of the tax collectors who were dependent on the generated funds from the casinos and entertainment offerings.

Politicians in the State have been trying to turn the tide and introduce online gambling to the people of New Jersey with legislation that would give Atlantic City a boost and create a new industry still related to gambling but online. Sen. Ray Lesniak has succeeded for a second time to get an online gambling bill through the state Legislature. The House Regulatory Oversight and Gaming Committee voted 3 to 1 with one abstaining to send the revamped legislation to the full House Assembly for consideration. One amendment indicated that bets would be accepted from out of state residents but all the transactions would take place in Atlantic City where the servers would be located. Lesniak has pointed out that this would be acceptable under current federal legal provisions for online gambling in America.

Robert Griffin, CEO of Trump Entertainment Resorts and current President of the Casino Association of New Jersey, was asking the Assembly to pass this legislation, "The state of New Jersey must be in the forefront of legalizing this emerging marketplace. Currently, millions of Americans engage in online gaming with illegal offshore operators with no oversight, no regulation, and no consumer protection," Griffen continued to add, "The state should regulate this activity, enforce strict standards to ensure the games are fair, and collect revenue rather than allow profits and jobs to illegally go overseas,"

The argument for passing of the proposed legislation was furthered by Assemblyman Ruben Ramos Jr. who insisted that the state keep up with the new technologies, "The Internet has long been a reality, and Internet gaming in New Jersey should now be reality too. We have to move aggressively and thoughtfully to position our gaming industry to succeed, and this is another step toward that goal."

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