Online Odds On The New Arrival Changing Fast

Published Saturday, July 13, 2013 -
 Online Odds On The New Arrival Changing Fast

The latest news on the Duchess of Cambridge’s baby is that it is overdue. The due date had been given as July 11th and that date has come and gone. The expected trip soon for Prince William, now the date is likely July 14th, will be to St. Mary’s Hospital in London, where Kate Middleton now is.

CBS News is calling the area outside the hospital a “media waiting room”. As predictable, fans along with photographers and news media will there to await the arrival of the royal couple’s first baby. Gambling sites in Britain are offering odds of 5-to-1 for July 14th as the date of the birth.

Prince William will be able to act in response to his wife going into labor as quickly as possible since he has a helicopter waiting on standby. Putting the helicopter on standby as early as July 6, Prince William meant to travel between London and his Royal Air Force station in Anglesey, Wales.

It was thought that Prince William would be at his wife’s side by July 10th but his plans to play in a polo match are still on for this weekend. By Monday, if she is not in labor he is obliged to be back at his Anglesey station. However with the helicopter in waiting he will be ready at any time.

A royal baby is something the Brits are excited about and they like to celebrate in fashion. So is the rest of the world it seems. With baby fever at its peak it is estimated there will a high short-term impact on Britain’s economy. Tourism should do well and some speculate that there will be an added boost of $400 million in sales of products like party supplies, souvenirs and other memorabilia.

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