Online Gambling Can Be Quiet

Published Saturday, July 13, 2013 -
Online Gambling Can Be Quiet

If you enjoy gambling and in recent years have done so then you may have noticed something odd or rather heard something odd. It is no secret that if you play slot machines whether at the casino locally or in Las Vegas or even at home online then you may not be aware but you sound like you are winning. And that is even if you are winning or not.

Marketers have known for some time that colour and smell play a large part in our buying habits. Now they are into the realm of sound. The sound that accompanies the playing of slot machines especially can be a whirr of beeps, chimes and bells.

Lately this area of marketing has caused some interest and a study has been done. It is not surprising to find that some of these noises can easily fool our brains into thinking we won even when we have actually lost not won money. A lead author in one of the studies and a behavioural neuroscientist Michael Dixon, of the University of Waterloo in Ontario states, "The way slot machines are designed, sound is a really crucial component of player feedback."

Sound effects that are happy and exciting are usually tied to wins or perhaps partial losses. These Dixon says that in order to explain the susceptibility of human condition further are, "losses disguised as wins." He says. “They act as positive reinforcement and can skew our perception of lost money. You can be rewarded with flashing animations and celebratory winning jingles made to give you a sense of accomplishment.”

He goes on to explain, “In the other extreme, when you win nothing, the machine goes into a quiet state of rest with no lights or music. It just sits there, waiting for you to play again. If you win just a portion of your wager back the machine still gives you happy noises. So even though you have actually lost money, you come away feeling like a winner.”

Of course an online gambling can turn off the sound if they choose.

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