Google and Online Gambling Rumour

Published Friday, September 13, 2013 -
Google and Online Gambling Rumour

Some things that are said must be taken with a grain of salt and the recent rumour circulating may be one of those things best left unsaid but when the name Google is mentioned there is great interest.

A recent article by This Is Money’s Geoff Foster has spawned an interest few can resist declaring the possible acquisition of digital entertainment by giant Google before the internet betting firm makes its fortune in the soon to launch New Jersey online gambling market. has been on a slide into oblivion of late with its shares moving down over the past while. The rumour may at least fill the time lag between’s situation now and when it fulfills the New Jersey slate of offerings. At around 109.9p the Gibraltar based company is seen as a possible takeover target even at 200p which is the firm’s target value and rumoured to be the price Google is willing to pay. It’s an Interesting fact that the firm’s Chief Executive Officer Norbert Teufelberger bought an additional 204k shares in his company a few months ago.

Recent problems with the overhauled Party Poker offering have caused numerous exits from the poker room causing concern for the technical as well as financial sectors of the company. The decision to refocus PartyPoker’s attention on recreational players is also a long overdue change from the old PartyPoker offers. is said to be struggling but at least it has a forward looking strategy that is loaded with potential. The upgrading of systems are always difficult to make glitch free but many players were disappointed with the new launch of PartyPoker and as everyone knows loyalty on the internet is hard to come by. Online poker players have a great deal of choice so the offerings have to be excellent to attract a pool worthy of great gaming.

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