Scottish Football Player Banned and Fined For Online Betting

Published Friday, September 13, 2013 -
Scottish Football Player Banned and Fined For Online Betting

The idea of match fixing gets many a punter very upset because it means the rules have been broken and someone has exploited the games and this harms everyone.

A recent report in the Daily Mail posted the sentence handed down to football midfielder Ian Black for violating Rule 22 three times over a seven year time span. The Rangers player was accused of betting against his own team three times, betting on games involving his then-registered club on 10 occasions and betting on a further 147 football matches.

Black was given a 10-game ban on playing and a £7,500 fine from the Judicial Panel but, crucially, seven of the matches are suspended. Once the 28-year-old doesn’t bet again this season, he will be let go of any other obligations. Black refused to comment and has been given the option to appeal the decision in five days but it has been suggested that this will not happen.

Fraser Wishart the current Chief Executive Officer of the Professional Footballers' Association Scotland said, “There is an onus on players to know the regulations, on us to educate our members and that’s what we’re doing, together with clubs and the governing body. Codes of conduct are great if you’re actually sat down and told what it contains. It’s also good if you’re given the opportunity to agree with it.” Wishart continued, “It’s a bit like the small print in all our insurance policies. How many of us read the small print? But if someone actually told you what was in it, then you might have points to make.

‘This is not a situation of: “Let’s point the finger at people.” Let’s get together and improve the image of the game because I don’t think Ian Black wants to be tarred with the moniker of betting."

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