Online Gambling's Playtech Withdraws From Certain Jurisdictions

Published Wednesday, November 13, 2013 -
Online Gambling's Playtech Withdraws From Certain Jurisdictions

Online gambling depends on the software it uses and many software developers are doing very well with internet betting growing in popularity. Microgaming is the biggest and best known of the software suppliers but then there are many others which make interesting games and platforms.

Playtech is a company that has been around since the late 1990’s and has been a publicly traded entity since 2006 after which the shredding of the online gambling industry in the USA created a downturn for the firm which lost 40 percent of its value in one day. The company has recovered from that fateful day and has bounced back to a respectable level. The company made almost 90 million euro in 2012 and employs 2,600 people as of June 2013 in nine countries and territories. The firm is located and licensed by the Isle of Man and has offices in the United Kingdom, Israel, Bulgaria, Estonia, Ukraine, Philippines, Sweden, and Cyprus.

A recent rumour was circulating and confirmed by an article in the’s Online Casino News that Playtech will be withdrawing its services in a few jurisdictions namely the Netherlands and Finland. Originally Canada was also named in the pull out advisory but that has been updated to only include the Netherlands and Finland.

It was also confirmed that the withdrawal is being made by the affiliate program EUROPARTNERS that is represented by a number of brands associated with Playtech. The withdrawal from the Scandinavian market that includes online gambling sites such as Vegas Red, Titan Poker and the Europa Casino will give those punters in Finland and the Netherland less of a choice when it comes time to play.Punter have one month to terminate their accounts.

Canadian gamblers will be unaffected for the time being. Canada’s rules regarding internet gambling are clear. It is illegal for any entity other than the government to offer gambling services but there has been no enforcement of the federal regulations to date.

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